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How to clean and care for carbon steel cookware

Already using cast iron cookware? Then you'll be a pro at caring for Seasoned Carbon Steel. The steps are the same: Wash, hand dry and rub with oil. Explore this lighter vessel below.

Quick Tips for cooking with carbon steel cookware

1. Use carbon steel cookware on any stove, oven, grill or campfire.

Carbon steel pans are used at home on any cooktop – induction, ceramic, electric and gas – as well as in the oven, on the grill or over a fire.

2. Always heat and cool your pan gradually.

Letting your pan preheat slowly helps distribute the heat evenly, avoids hot spots on the cooking surface and prevents warping. Cool your carbon steel pan slowly after cooking, also avoiding warping.

3. Use metal, wooden or silicone utensils for high temperature.

The cooking surface can get very hot. Be sure to use cookware designed to withstand heat, such as wood, metal, and silicone. Whatever utensil you use, be sure not to scrape or rub too hard because you may remove the seasoning.

4. Use a handle or oven mitt.

Carbon steel cookware handles get hot. Always use silicone handles or oven mitts when cooking.

5. Protect counters with heat-resistant coasters.

Use a heat-resistant coaster to protect your table or kitchen from hot cookware.

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How to clean carbon steel cookware

Step 1: Wash

Hand wash carbon steel cookware in hot water. You can use a small amount of soap. If necessary, use a scraper, brush or non-scratching sponge. For stuck-on food, simmer some water for 3-5 minutes, then use the scraper after the pan has cooled.

Step 2: Dry

Dry immediately and completely with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Step 3: Oil

Rub a very light layer of cooking oil or seasoning spray on the surface of the pan. Rub the oil into the pan until it is evenly distributed.

What is the difference between Seasoned Carbon Steel and Seasoned Cast Iron?

While Lodge cast iron cookware is cast in sand molds, Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel products are formed by turning and stamping carbon steel, allowing them to be lighter and thinner than cast iron. This allows the seasoned steel to heat up and cool down faster. Steel cookware also has riveted handles, while cast iron cookware usually has built-in handles. Both steel and cast iron products are seasoned in our foundry with the same 100% natural vegetable oil and as always both are made in the USA.

Frequently asked questions about carbon steel cookware

What is carbon steel?

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Carbon steel cookware is the modern, lightweight cousin of our classic cast iron. With long, riveted handles, carbon steel pans are ideal for cooking over a grill or open flame. But that is not all! Like cast iron, carbon steel cookware can also be used in any kitchen and oven. Our carbon steel cookware is made and seasoned in our Tennessee foundries.

Can I soak my carbon steel pan?

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No. Soaking carbon steel in water is a recipe for rust. If you need to remove sticky or stubborn food, use a nylon scrubbing brush or scraper and rinse with warm water. Be sure to dry your pan thoroughly.

Can I use soap to wash my carbon steel cookware?

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You can use a small amount of mild soap to clean your carbon steel cookware, but it is not necessary. A large amount of soap can remove the seasoning from your pan, but if this happens, you can easily reapply as needed.

Can I put my carbon steel pan in the dishwasher?

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No. Our carbon steel cookware must be hand washed. A dishwasher will remove the seasoning and possibly cause rust.

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