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The benefits of a Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Sure, you can use one of our cast iron pans to make your grandma's delicious cornbread.

Alternatively you can shield your favorite steak and a perfect result, roast chicken and vegetables, bake a blueberry pie or fry eggs with bacon.

Lodge cookware made of American cast iron is ideal for beginners, chefs, and home cooks of any skill level. You can use it in any kitchen, grill or directly on the fire. So continue to make Lodge Cast Iron part of your tradition - your food deserves it.

Why choose a cast iron cookware?

Cast iron utensils go everywhere!

Use cast iron cookware on any cooktop, outdoor grill/grill or on the fire. Then take the dish straight to the table for serving and keep your food warm.

Cast iron cookware can do just about anything.

Make pork chops, grill steaks, sauteed vegetables, fry eggs and bacon, bake cookies, cakes, bread and more using one of our Lodge cast iron cookware.

Lodge cast iron cookware withstands the toughest!

Cast iron cookware is built to last a lifetime. Although cast iron is not an indestructible material, it can handle heat perfectly and be used for all your culinary adventures.

Lodge cast iron cookware has a natural, non-stick finish.

We start the process for you to avoid getting "stuck" the first time you cook. With each use, you will notice the performance getting better and better.

Lodge cast iron cookware is easy to use!

From start to finish, using Lodge cast iron cookware is so simple.

Lodge cast iron cookware makes it taste better!

Thanks to the Lodge cast iron's incredible heat distribution, there's no better way to create crispy fried chicken, flavorful roasted vegetables, or a perfect loaf of bread.

The Lodge 30.48cm Cast Iron Frying Pan is still a proven utensil, a must in every kitchen. This champion pan is so good at perfectly shielding the food and standing up to the rigors, remaining unchanged over time! We have a whole stack of them for everyday use

Cooks Illustrated, January 2019

Discover more about the tradition of cooking in cast iron.

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