Series 5 Piece Set – L5HS3

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The Lodge Cast Iron 5 Piece Set is a cast iron set of optimum quality. It is Made in USA by the factory Lodge. Using it you will transform any recipe in a magnificent meal. Be careful!!! Anyone taste once, never eats food cooked everywhere else!!

Five of our most popular pieces in one box! Whether you’re replacing old, scratched up cookware or buying a starter set for some newlyweds, this set has everything you need to become a cast iron cook.


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  • Optimum Quality.
  • Dutch Oven 4.7 lit
  • Iron Cover 26 cm
  • Round Griddle 27 cm
  • Skillet 26 cm
  • Skillet 20.5 cm
  • Ready to use upon purchase.
  • All items are foundry seasoned.
  • Suitable for all type of ovens. Electric – Gas – Wood – Traditional. Except from microwave.
  • Suitable for all type of hobs. Ceramics – Gas – Cast Iron – Induction.
  • Cast Iron appropriate for food.
  • Life-time guarantee.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 12.51 kg
Dimensions 38.10 × 35.94 × 20.06 cm

Lodge Cast Iron