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How to Clean Lodge Accessories

From glass lids to underliners, learn how to care for your Lodge accessories.

Glass Lids

Made out of tempered glass for safety, our lids make a great addition to any cast iron or carbon steel pan. Use a glass lid to retain moisture and flavor while still being able to keep an eye on cooking food. The knobs are oven-safe to 400 degrees F.

How to clean: wash glass lids by hand in warm water or place in dishwasher.

Lodge accessories maximize your cooking experience.


Our wood and silicone underliners protect your dining table and countertops while adding a stylish touch to your serving griddles.

Wood underliner cleaning and care:

  • Clean the wood underliner after each use with a damp cloth
  • Dishwasher use is not recommended due to the natural tendencies of wood to absorb moisture, swell, and bleach
  • To prevent fires, do not place wood underliners under hot salamanders, broilers, or in the oven

Silicone underliner cleaning and care:

  • Wash silicone underliners by hand in warm water or place in dishwasher
  • Heat-resistant to 600 degrees F
  • All Lodge silicone products are certified BPA-free
  • Do not place under hot salamanders, broilers, or in the oven

Accessorize your cookware!

Get glass lids, cast iron covers, underliners, cooking accessories, and so much more to make the most of your Lodge cookware.

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