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Cast Iron 101

Benefits of Lodge Cast Iron

Join the cast iron cookware community.

Sure, you can use our cast iron skillets to make your grandma's tasty cornbread.

Or you can use them to get the perfect sear on juicy steaks, roast chicken and vegetables, bake a decadent blueberry pie, or fry eggs and bacon. Our American-made, seasoned cast iron cookware is perfect for beginners, and chefs, and home cooks of any skill level. It can handle any kitchen cooktop, grill, and open campfire. So go ahead and make Lodge Cast Iron part of your tradition — your food deserves it.

Cast Iron Basics

Why choose cast iron?

Cast iron cookware can go anywhere.

Use cast iron cookware on any kitchen stovetop, outdoor grill, or open campfire. Then take it straight to the table to serve.

Cast iron cookware can make almost anything.

Sear pork chops, grill steaks, sauté veggies, fry eggs and bacon, bake a gooey skillet cookie, and so much more with Lodge cast iron.

Lodge Cast Iron cookware is tough.

Cast iron is made to last a lifetime. Although cast iron is not indestructible, it can handle the heat and be used for all of your culinary adventures.

Lodge Cast Iron cookware has a naturally nonstick finish.

We start the seasoning process for you in-house to help prevent sticking the first time you cook. With each use, you'll see the performance get better and better.

Lodge Cast Iron cookware is easy to use.

From start to finish, using Lodge cast iron is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated.

Lodge Cast Iron cookware makes food taste better.

Thanks to Lodge cast iron's incredible heat retention, there's no better way to get crispy fried chicken, flavorful roasted veggies, or a perfect loaf of bread.

The Lodge Classic Cast Iron 30.48cm is still a test kitchen favorite. This workhorse skillet is as good at browning food as it is indestructible, and we have a whole stack of them on hand for daily use.

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